Paralysis, or the inability to move a muscle or group of muscles voluntarily, can occur as a result of an injury or illness. The most common causes of paralysis include stroke, cerebral palsy, nerve damage, trauma, multiple sclerosis, and polio. Paralysis may affect one or both sides of the face or body, or the lower… Read More »

Physical therapy can be a highly effective intervention for a variety of aches, pains, and conditions. But it’s important to know when physical therapy is indicated. The following are some of the most common physical therapy conditions for which patients seek treatment: An injury. If a recent injury has made it difficult to complete your… Read More »

Collaboration between patients and physical therapists is critical to a positive patient outcome. This means that it is not only important to show up to physical therapy, but also to be an active participant in your own treatment. The best physical therapy facilities encourage and support this patient-therapist collaboration. At Santé, we recommend the following… Read More »

Following a surgery, injury, or illness, your primary care doctor or specialist may recommend physical therapy (PT). If you, like many patients, find yourself wondering, What is PT? we can help. Physical therapy is the treatment of a deformity, injury, or disease by physical methods such as heat, massage, and exercise. The physical therapy schedule depends on the… Read More »