Category: Senior Care

One of the most common questions we answer is, “Can I stay at home?” and we’re pleased to share that in many cases, the answer is yes. While some conditions and situations require intensive inpatient rehabilitation, many patients are able to receive elderly care services from Santé in Phoenix right in their own homes. Home… Read More »

When you receive a life-altering diagnosis or suffer a life-threatening injury, your medical team tells you everything you need to know about the disease process, the treatment plan, and the recovery, but they often leave out how to cope with the emotional components of illness and injury. Medical social workers can be an invaluable resource… Read More »

The aging process, prescription medication, and barriers to proper oral care all contribute to a decline in senior dental health. In fact, older adults are at higher risk of untreated tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, oral cancer, and dry mouth. When oral health declines, nutrition often declines, too, due to difficulty eating and drinking.… Read More »

When skin is exposed to prolonged pressure, bed sores can develop. Bed sores are most likely to develop in bony areas, like the hips, heels, coccyx, and shoulder blades, but they can develop on the toes when blankets are too tight, on the back of the head, or in other areas. Those who are unable… Read More »