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Once you’ve been in hospital care for an injury, illness or major medical procedure such as a hip replacement, it can be difficult to leave. You’re close to your doctor. You have your routine down and nurses ready at the touch of a button. You wonder… what’s the next step?

When you receive a terminal diagnosis, every second of the 525,600 minutes you have in a year counts. While it can feel like things are beyond your grasp, patients have more control than they realize. The choices about how you want to spend your time are up to you. Santé Hospice allows patients to transition… Read More »

Some patients find that the most difficult part of making end-of-life choices is informing family and close friends. Loved ones may be in denial about your illness or completely focused on aggressive treatment options. Some may even refuse to discuss the possibility of hospice care. Understand that this is just part of their grieving process.… Read More »

Hospice care focuses on maintaining or improving quality of life during the final stage of a disease or illness. Initially, hospice care was focused on patients in the advanced stages of cancer. Today, hospice care has expanded to cover a variety of illnesses from kidney disease to advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia. According to the Hospice… Read More »