At Santé, our post acute rehab program is designed to strengthen you and increase your independence following stroke, surgery, or other illness or injury. The goal is to allow you to return home, where you can continue to do your rehabilitation exercises to maintain that independence and prevent further injury long-term. Here are some simple… Read More »

If you’ve been told that you may need short term rehabilitation, your first question may have been, “How long is short term rehab?” The most simple answer is that short term rehab can vary between patients and their individual circumstances. Several factors may impact the length of your stay, all of which are designed to… Read More »

Rehabilitation is a process. The goal is to help an individual become as independent as possible in order to return home. Sometimes, however, a patient under short term nursing home care may require some long term assistance. Although Santé focuses on rehabilitation, we think it’s important you understand there are both similarities and differences between… Read More »

Post acute rehab is typically a temporary stopping place on a patient’s journey home. As the name implies, this sort of rehabilitation is for patients who have been hospitalized for acute care such as major surgery, but who aren’t quite ready to go home. At Santé, we specialize in rehabilitation, including post acute rehab. Many… Read More »