Is your loved one being cared for by somebody else? Whether it’s a family member, in-home nurse, or skilled nursing facility, they have an obligation to treat your loved one with dignity and to provide a safe environment for him or her. Medicare and nursing homes both aim to prevent abuse of the elderly in… Read More »

You may have heard the term skilled nursing facility but may not truly understand the scope of these facilities. So what are skilled nursing facilities? SNF vs. Nursing Home Many people think a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is just a nursing home. However, instead of long-term daily care, a SNF offers patients the tools they… Read More »

Doing a Medicare nursing home search? Here are some things to do for when choosing the right facility. Search online Conducting a Medicare nursing home search online is easy when you use’s comparison tool. This tool lets you quickly compare nursing homes ratings for overall quality measures, staffing, health inspections and see any penalties… Read More »

As joints begin to wear out over time, chronic pain and stiffness can result. This has a direct impact on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support the joints, which may then succumb to chronic pain as well. For those suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis, the pain can be even more burdensome. Although there… Read More »