Occupational therapists work with patients to achieve one goal: to help patients safely do what they want to do. In most cases, occupational therapists improve patient independence and quality of life by making recommendations for home adaptations that promote safety and success. These recommendations might encompass the way their home is set up, the equipment… Read More »

If you’re like many people supporting an aging parent or loved one, you’ve had concerns about the spread of pneumonia and the health risks associated with contracting this dangerous condition. Can your loved one contract pneumonia at church, in the grocery store, or at the doctor’s office? What measures can you take to lower their… Read More »

Post-acute care is a great intermediate option for patients after an acute hospital stay. At Santé, we work together with our patients to ensure a successful recovery and to promote their highest level of independence when it’s time to return home. While our caregivers go the extra mile to support our post-acute patients, there are some… Read More »

It goes without saying that people are relying on the Internet more and more for social networking, education, reference, and entertainment. Computer use has quickly taken over the way we receive information and operate in the world. For some seniors, though, it can be a challenge to figure out how to use all of the… Read More »