When it comes to post-acute care, Santé believes that the whole patient matters. This means that, rather than focusing strictly on the illness or ailment that brought you to us, we’re also focused on your emotional well being, your goals and aspirations throughout recovery, and the challenges that you might be facing. Why do we… Read More »

Stroke afflicts more than 200,000 people annually, often leaving a lasting mark on the patient’s life. At Santé, our caring and competent staff is here to help rehabilitate patients who have experienced a stroke with the goal of restoring their independence to the highest level possible. As health care professionals, our team at Santé understands… Read More »

There is no question that a heart attack can have a major impact on a person’s life. Understandably, patients want to know why a heart attack occurred and what life will be like moving forward. At Santé, we believe that empowering patients in their recovery is a critical part of the healing process. That is… Read More »

Successful knee replacement surgery can provide the new mobility and pain-free living that patients with knee issues seek. While surgery is a critical part of feeling better, it is also essential to do your “homework” to achieve success with your recovery. When it comes to knee replacement recovery, homework refers to the stretches and exercises… Read More »