Category: Senior Care

Alzheimer’s is a disease that will affect nearly 5.7 million Americans this year. Many of our patients are living with this disease and require full-time care at our rehabilitation centers. This disease causes brain cell connection and cells to degenerate and die. The most commonly known symptom is memory loss, which can lead to confusion.

How do you know when an elderly parent needs inpatient rehabilitation? It’s not always an easy decision, but the team at Santé is here to help. There are a few key signs to look for when caring for a loved one. Some situations are more obvious, but others may leave you feeling unsure about what to do.

It is with great honor that we announce this exciting news! The Santé team has been recognized as a 2018 recipient of the Bronze – Commitment to Quality Award for its commitment to improving the lives of residents through our short-term rehabilitation, home-health care, and other quality healthcare services.

At Santé, we often see family members who suffer emotionally and physically as they take on the great responsibility of caring for a loved one. When caring for an elderly parent, you are part of a care team comprising of family members, doctors, and nurses. But it can often feel like you’re alone. That’s why having your own type of support is important in making sure you stay mentally and physically healthy too.