Category: Senior Care

Things may slow down as we age, but it’s important to keep active. At Santé, we understand that regular exercise can help prevent conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. It can also boost a senior’s mood and provide an opportunity to socialize with other seniors. That’s why exercise or physical therapy is often a component of our home health care and in-facility rehabilitation programs.

Growing older isn’t always easy. While there are benefits such as increased freedom and the ability to retire, many seniors are faced with new challenges. Relationships change, social circles dwindle and health problems may increase. As a senior’s life evolves, so does his or her emotional needs. Here at Santé, our caring and compassionate staff… Read More »

Nursing homes have come a long way. Many of today’s senior care facilities are bright, modern and welcoming, offering high-tech medical care and assisted living. The focus is on improving quality of life for all seniors, whether they need post-acute care following a prolonged illness or daily help with tasks at home. If you’re looking… Read More »